The COBHAM SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System (Class A) is a SAILOR product through and through. From the innovative ‘black box’ system design and user-friendly touch screen operation to flexible installation possibilities and inherent durability, it is built on the fundamental qualities that have made SAILOR a well respected name in maritime communication. You can trust it to reliably broadcast your AIS data and display that of vessels around you, ensuring your ability to operate safely and efficiently


By utilising the “Smart Cell” Detector Array Technology, developed by Rivertrace, the OCM analyses all three oil types (HFO, Diesel and Emulsions) simultaneously without the need for re-calibration. A manual cell cleaning device is included as standard to easily enable routine maintenance. Optical cell fouling is recognised as a leading cause of monitor malfunction or incorrect reading. By simple operation of the manual cleaning device, the “Smart Cell” remains in optimum operating condition. Replacement calibrated measuring cells can be purchased for easy change over on board the vessel and calibration verification kits enable the crew to demonstrate the monitor is within factory calibration to PSC Surveyors. The Smart Cell Bilge Alarm is readily available as a 5ppm version if required. It can also be tailor made for Hazardous Environments (Zone 1 & 2) as an Exd system with Auto Clean, all enclosed in an explosion proof cabinet.


Light, compact and easy to use, our Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD) are perfectly adapted to confined spaces, marine, industrial and Oil & Gas applications. They are available with a duration from 10 to 20 minutes.


Navgard™ is a Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) specifically designed to comply with SOLAS Regulation V/19 as amended by MSC.282(86) requiring a BNWAS to be installed on all new and existing ships. The system also meets the requirements of the performance standards set out by MSC.128(75) & IEC 62616


Accurate worldwide charts backed by C-MAP expertise, Precision, Clarity, and Quality . C-MAP charts are loaded with precision data from multiple sources, frequently updated and quality checked by experts. All you need to navigate and find fish. Count on detailed coverage in multiple formats for lakes, coasts and oceans to help you navigate wherever you are in the world.

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The KW991-CR is both course recorder and multi-function display. It offers a user selectable moving tape heading, numeric heading display and heading plus GPS data. It accepts gyro and GPS data and is compatible with most proprietary gyro and standard GPS equipment. Gyro and GPS data is output at selective intervals and can be sent for archiving to a PC and also to the optional dot matrix KW991-PRN printer.


The Simrad MARIS ECDIS900 is an IMO type approved navigation system, designed for use aboard SOLAS vessels subject to ECDIS carriage mandates such as merchant cargo ships and tankers. Easy to use with integrated 24-inch flat panel display and a standard Windows PC interface, the ECDIS900 delivers precise navigation with comprehensive route planning and optimisation tools, integrated chart management and ordering, universal radar overlay, and optional highly customisable conning display.


Separate display and transponder unit  with 7” Touch Screen Display.  Software upgradable and compact design for easy installation  The device has console or desktop mounting  with junction-connection included in transponder-unit. The Display rated to IP54 + Extended temperature    (IEC 60945) and the transponder rated to IP56, + Exposed (IEC 60945) the device has an  easy ECDIS interface.


Meets IMO Standard MSC.74 (69) Annex 4, EU Marine Equipment Directive (MED). Meets IMO Resolutions: A.694 (17), MSC.191 (79), MSC.74 (69), ITU-R M.1371-5 (2014), FCC, USCG, IC, TC, CCNR (Inland AIS). Chart display available by C-MAP MAX (on a Non-SOLAS or Inland vessel only). Simple menu display with icons. Water and weatherproof (IPX6 & IPX7). USB Connection